What others are saying about National Convention

National Convention is a must for your team if you are planning to grow your business to the next level! It is a very good way to help your team develop personally!

District Manager Jacob L., PA

I see the importance of having my team there to be inspired, motivated and to continue their self-development.

District Managers Daniel & Elsie W., OH

National Convention is our team's fuel. It's the ignition to our organization's growth. You can't afford to miss it!

Independent Distributors Stephan & Rebecca D., IL

National Convention is the lifeblood of developing an organization.

Regional Director Jonathon G., PA

National Convention is the place to be if you want to go places with the Conklin business. So if you're going to build this business the right way, National Convention is a must-attend event.

District Manager Jethro B., IN

I encourage anyone who wants to succeed in life to attend National Convention.

Independent Distributor Jacob N., NC

Everything I attended at National Convention was the best of the best. The experience of going to convention is the highlight of the year! We encourage all of our organization to attend National Convention. There is nothing like it for inspiration and keeping the vision alive!

District Manager Mary S., MI

In order to be successful, you have to be at National Convention!

District Manager Paul H., OH

National Convention is incredibly inspiring and will help establish a strong foundation in any Distributor or Manager's goals. It helps to create a vision with visible acknowledgements and incentives keep each person on his or her feet.

Sales Manager Weston M., OH

I believe it is a very good way to see the Conklin story in action. National Convention is the most important event of the year.

Director Daniel L., VA

We always encourage folks to attend, telling first-timers it will forever change their perspective concerning their business and the Conklin Company.

Regional Directors Mahlon & Lydia L., MT

National Convention is an amazing experience. Every year is better than the last! We leave each year and can't wait for the next one!

District Managers Elizabeth & Jerald K., MN

National Convention is always an awesome, uplifting experience that I wouldn't miss for anything.

Sales Manager Emery C., MO

I've never before had some much encouragement and receive so many valuable insights at one time; National Convention was mind-blowing good!

Independent Distributor Daniel M., NC

Attending Conklin National Convention is one of the best ways to jumpstart our business every year.

District Manager Cheyanne K., IA

I absolutely love National Convention! It's an event that I look forward to every year. Between the great speakers, entertainment, workshops and networking, I am able to get refueled for another great year! This is one event, Lord willing, I will never miss!

Sales Manager Melissa C., NY