Training and Events

Every month, Conklin offers several live conference calls that provide opportunities to learn about its products and programs. Frequently featured during these calls are special guests and subject matter experts. These calls are open to all Conklin Independent Distributors.

Animal/Health & Home/Vehicle Products Division Conference Calls

Are you interested in building your business and organization with products from Conklin's Fastrack®, Health & Home, and/or Vehicle Products divisions? Conklin Independent Distributors and Product Specialists from their respective divisions (Dr. Ashley Bruce - Animal Products Division, Sharon Wollard - Health & Home Products Division, and Dan Willgohs - Vehicle Products Division) will share their ideas, practices, and presentation plans relating to the Animal, Health & Home, and Vehicle Products divisions during these scheduled conference calls.

Watch for these conference call announcements in eVision, Conklin's weekly electronic newsletter.  When announced, dial (832) 225-5200 and enter pass code 9359# to join these calls at 7 p.m. CDT.

Roofing Systems Division Conference Calls

Catch the latest in Conklin Roofing Systems news by dialing in to the division's monthly conference call, scheduled every fourth Thursday each month at 8 p.m. CDT.  Contractors will hear the latest regarding industry updates from Conklin Roofing Systems Marketing Director Beau McCoy along with other Roofing Systems Product Specialists and top contractors in the business. 

To join this call, dial (832) 225-5200 and enter pass code 9359#.

Team Builders' Conference Calls

Join members of Conklin's Executive Team for the monthly Team Builders' Conference Call. Tune in to hear important announcements and business-building strategies and insights from top Conklin Managers and Directors.

This call is hosted by Conklin's Executive Vice President Steve Bonar every second Thursday of the month at 8 p.m. CDT.

Dial (832) 225-5200 and enter pass code 9359#.

24/7 Presentation and Replay Lines

Listen in at your convenience to the conference call recording replay lines to learn more about the Conklin business opportunity and products. You can also utilize the Business Opportunity Presentation hotline to introduce your prospects to Conklin.

You can access the following list of conference call replays available for playback 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by dialing this replay line number: (888) 539-4649.

After dialing the replay line number, you can access the following list of conference call replays by entering the appropriate replay code as indicated below:

Division Conference Call Title Presenters Replay Code
AgroVantage® Products The Values and Benefits of Foliar Feeding Conklin AgroVantage® Products Charles W. Herbster, Jerry Cox, Kip Cullers, and Todd Hoffman 321496
AgroVantage® Products Updates to the 2018-19 Feast® Fertilizer and AgroVantage® Companion Products Programs Various Directors, Ag Panel Members, and Growers 321493
Animal Products How Presenting Multiple Options Makes the Sale Dr. Ashley Bruce, Aaron Wagner, Dan Willgohs, and Sharon Wollard 321494
Animal Products Promoting Ways to Incorporate Fastrack®: Beef Industry Dr. Ashley Bruce with Conklin Distributors and customers Tony Hochaday, Paul Arnold, and Brent Ferguson 147070
Animal Products Promoting Ways to Incorporate Fastrack®: Dairy Programs Dr. Ashley Bruce with Conklin Distributors and customers Don Benson and Bobby Bruffey 147071
Health & Home Products Introducing Conklin's Newest Health Product: Conklin® CholesSupport™ Kelly Goyen (Emperical Labs) and Sharon Wollard 321491
Health & Home Products Judy Herbster's Introduction to Conklin's Health & Home Products Judy Herbster and Sharon Wollard 321492
Health & Home Products Discussing the Added Benefits of Mixing LIFETRACK Basics® and Judy's Legacy Shake Kelly Goyen (Emperical Labs), Anna Cooper (Judy's Dream President), and Sharon Wollard 321499
Team Builders Learn to Grow Your Conklin Organization from Panel of New President's Club Members Directors Seth and Diana Keehn, District Managers Steve and Deb Graber, and District Manager Dennis Brandenberger 321495
Vehicle Products Conklin DIrectors Discuss the Savings and Benefits of Using Conklin Vehicle Products Conklin Directors Brian Benfer and Buddy Myers 321502